General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Definitions

Article 2 - Applicability of conditions


Article 3 - Conclusion of Agreement


Article 4 - Information by Cycle Travel B.V.

Article 5 - Information by the Traveller


Article 6 - Payment

Article 7 - Cancellation

Article 8 - Changes by the Traveller

Article 9 - Cancellation by the Traveller

Article 10 - Changes by the Organizer

Article 11 - Cancellation by Cycle Travel


Article 12 - Responsibility

Article 13 - Conformity & non-conformity

Article 14 - Help and assistance


Article 15 - Attribution, force majeure and exclusions of liability


Article 16 - Obligations of the Traveller


Article 17 - Complaints

Article 18 - Other provisions


General Travel Conditions - Cycle Travel

Article 1 - Definitions

Organiser: Cycle Travel who puts together the Trip and offers it - whether through a reseller or not. Likewise, Cycle Travel offering the Trip if it consists of only one Travel Service and the Terms and Conditions have been declared applicable thereto shall be considered an Organiser.

Traveler: any person who wishes to enter into an agreement with Cycle Travel regarding a Trip and any person who is entitled to travel under the Agreement.

Travel service: passenger transport by road, airplane, bicycle rental, accessories, accommodation or other tourist service, insofar as these services fall within the definition of article 7:500 sub a Civil Code.

Travel Service Provider: the service provider that performs any part of the Trip, such as Auxiliary Persons (accommodation providers / transporters / external guides / etc.) of Cycle Travel

Agreement: the agreement including these Terms and Conditions whereby Cycle Travel undertakes to the Traveller to provide the Trip.

In writing: in writing or by electronic means including by email.

Terms and Conditions: these general terms and conditions.

Package Travel: a package tour within the meaning of the Act. At Cycle Travel, these include Package Tours, Group Tours, Custom Tours, Business Rides, Living Like a Pro, Events and Clinics.

Trip: a Package Trip or if the Terms have been declared applicable to it a single Travel Service.

Working days: Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays recognized in the Netherlands, within working hours (9 am - 5 pm Dutch time).

Article 2 - Applicability of conditions

2.1 - Package holidays

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Package Tours offered by or agreed with Cycle Travel and form an inseparable part thereof.

2.2 - Deviating and additional conditions

Deviating and additional conditions must be agreed upon in writing. Deviating provisions in the individual agreement shall take precedence over these Conditions.



Article 3 -Creation of the Agreement

3.1 - Content of offerings

The Trip offered includes the services and facilities expressly described in Cycle Travel's quotations and publications. The content of the offer is determined solely by the information provided by or on behalf of Cycle Travel. Information in Travel Service Provider publications is not part of the offer, whether or not it is linked to in Cycle Travel's offer. Cycle Travel reserves the right to change information on the website, brochures or other information media. These changes will be communicated in a clear and understandable and eye-catching manner prior to the conclusion of the Agreement. The stated duration of the trip is indicated in whole days, whereby the day of departure and arrival are counted as whole days.

3.2 - Free offer

All quotations and offers by Cycle Travel are non-binding and may be withdrawn by Cycle Travel after acceptance in all cases up to 17:00 of the next Working Day without giving reasons, unless this is in breach of mandatory regulations. This also applies where the Traveller has received an automatic confirmation of receipt of the booking.

3.3 - Conclusion of agreement

The Agreement is formed by the acceptance by the Traveler of Cycle Travel's offer, subject to the condition precedent that all accommodations are available.

If the Traveller books a trip that starts within 14 days, this does not count as a non-binding request, but as a booking that cannot be cancelled free of charge. The aforementioned suspensive condition applies in full. In this case, the Traveller owes the full travel sum. See also the cancellation conditions in article 9.2.

3.4 - Obvious errors

Obvious errors in the offer do not bind Cycle Travel. This relates to the offer of a price, the content of the service offered or other information which, given all the circumstances, the Traveller could not reasonably be expected to have intended Cycle Travel to state. If there is reason to doubt the accuracy of the price or information the Traveller should make inquiries.

3.5 - Special requests

If the Traveller makes specific wishes known before or at the time of entering into the Contract, rights may only be derived from this insofar as these wishes have been accepted as a special wish by means of a written undertaking from Cycle Travel to the Traveller that the wish will be fulfilled. The mere mention as a wish on the booking confirmation is sufficient for this purpose.

3.6 - Confirmation of receipt of the booking

If acceptance is made by the Traveler via electronic means, Cycle Travel will acknowledge receipt of the acceptance sent by the Traveler.

3.7 - Confirmation of application and payment procedure (Guarantee Scheme GGTO)

In order to comply with the legally required guarantee, Cycle Travel uses GGTO. You can check this via the GGTO Garant participant page ( All information about GGTO can be found at

With every (travel) offer from Cycle Travel it is clearly stated whether the GGTO guarantee is applicable. In the guarantee scheme you can read what the guarantee entails and which conditions apply. You can find this guarantee scheme on the GGTO website(

3.8 - Revocation by the traveller

A Trip booking is final when Cycle Travel indicates that all accommodations are available. The Traveller has no right to revoke the Agreement.

3.9 - Minors

The Traveller booking the trip must be of age. In the event that the Traveller is a minor, in addition to Article 3.3, the Agreement will come into effect under the suspensive condition that Cycle Travel has received the signed consent statement from the person or persons having custody of the minor child.

3.10 - Books for other Travellers & communication

The Passenger who enters into an Agreement on behalf of or for the benefit of one or more other Passengers shall be jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising therefrom. The other Travellers are each liable for their own part. The confirmation, invoice, travel documents and all other communications will be sent only to the Traveler making the booking. The Traveller who books the Trip on behalf of or for the benefit of others is obliged - with that person's consent - to disclose relevant personal circumstances of those other Travellers that may affect the performance of the Agreement at the time of notification. The Traveller who books the Trip on behalf of or for the benefit of others is obliged to provide those other Travellers with these Conditions and other relevant communications.


Article 4 - Information by Cycle Travel

4.1 - Travel sum

Prices listed are per person unless specifically stated otherwise.

Prices on the website may change without notice. The price of a package on the website at the time of booking applies to the contract.

4.2 - Information prior to booking

For the conclusion of the Agreement, Cycle Travel shall provide the completed standard information form (Annex to the Directive (EU) 2015/2302) and the other legally required information as stated in Article 7:502 of the Dutch Civil Code. 9 . These travel conditions are.

4.3 - Information provided by Cycle Travel at the time of booking or promptly thereafter

At the conclusion of the Agreement, Cycle Travel will provide the Traveller with the Agreement including the accepted special wishes of the Traveller and information tailored to Dutch nationality regarding the necessary travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) and any health formalities and the other information required by law.

4.4 - Information by Cycle Travel for the Journey

In good time prior to the start of the Trip and at the latest when the travel documents are provided, the Traveler will receive comprehensive information about the booked Trip including information about the scheduled departure times, the latest time to check-in, the scheduled stopovers and arrivals.

4.5 - Travel documents

The Traveller must have the necessary travel documents for the entire Journey, such as a passport, visas, vaccination certificates, travel certificates etc. Given the great importance of this, the Traveller should check the general information provided by Cycle Travel in this regard, with the relevant authorities and institutions for applicability, completeness and timeliness. The Traveller should verify before booking the trip whether there is sufficient time to obtain the necessary travel documents in connection with the possible long processing time of an application for travel documents and in particular any required visa. If the Traveller cannot make the Trip, or cannot make it in full, due to the lack of valid, complete and correct travel documents, the resulting costs shall be borne entirely by the Traveller.

4.6 - Travel documents

Travel documents (transport tickets, vouchers, etc.) will be sent to the Traveller in good time and no later than 7 days before departure unless the invoice has not yet been paid in full. If the Traveler has not received the travel documents 5 days prior to departure, the Traveler must notify Cycle Travel without delay. Final departure and arrival times will be stated in the travel documents.

4.7 - Insurance information

Cycle Travel shall provide the Traveller with information about the possibility of taking out cancellation insurance and travel insurance prior to the conclusion of the Agreement. Cycle Travel may require such insurance provided the Traveller has been notified in writing of this prior to the conclusion of the Agreement.

Article 5 - Information by the Traveller

5.1 - Relevant information from the Traveller(s)

Before or at the time of concluding the Agreement, the Traveller making the booking shall provide all information relevant to the Trip of himself or herself and the other Travellers he or she has notified. In particular, this concerns information about the Travellers or the composition of the group if this could possibly affect the health or safety of the Traveller or others during the Trip. If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete it may result in the Traveller being excluded from participation by Cycle Travel or the Travel Service Providers. The Traveller shall in such case be liable for the cancellation fee in accordance with Article 9 paragraph 2. Other resulting costs shall also be borne by the Traveller.

5.2 - Reduced mobility, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and illness

Travelers with reduced mobility and their companions, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, and Travelers with an illness that may affect the Trip must notify Cycle Travel at the time of entering into the Agreement or in any event as soon as possible after the Traveler becomes aware of it in connection with any impact on the Trip and in particular air transportation. Such Travellers should verify with the carrier themselves whether a medical certificate is required to travel.


Article 6 - Payment

6.1 - Down payment

After the conclusion of the Agreement, the down payment of 20% of the travel sum per person must be paid within 10 working days after receipt of the invoice. You can also choose to pay in installments via Klarna or payment of the full amount via a direct payment link on the webshop.

6.2 - Residual payment

The balance of the holiday price must be paid 4 weeks before the start of the holiday at the latest. If the Agreement is concluded within 4 weeks of the date of commencement of the Trip, the full travel sum must be paid immediately and in any event before the start of the Trip.

6.3 - Default and interest

If the Passenger fails to pay within the period specified above or on the invoice, the Passenger shall be in default without further notice of default being required and shall owe statutory interest on the outstanding amount from that time.

6.4 - Collection costs

The Passenger shall be obliged to pay the extrajudicial collection costs if the Passenger has been given unsuccessful notice to pay within a period of fourteen days, commencing the day after the notice was received, stating the consequences of the failure to pay, including the exact collection costs claimed.

The extrajudicial collection costs amount to 15% of the amount claimed up to €2500, 10% on the following € 2500, 5% on the following € 5000 and 1% on the excess, with a minimum of € 40.

6.5.- Other consequences of absenteeism

Further consequences of non-payment If the Traveller is in default, Cycle Travel may suspend sending the travel documents without further notice until full payment is received. If payment is not received even after reminders or if payment is not made prior to the start of the trip, Cycle Travel has the right to exclude the Traveller from participation. The obligation to pay remains in place. In lieu of excluding the Traveller from participation, Cycle Travel may cancel the Agreement and charge the Traveller the related cancellation fee. The provisions of this paragraph are without prejudice to any other rights of Cycle Travel.

Article 7 - Cancellation

7.1 - Conditions and notification

A Traveller may transfer the Trip to another person who meets all the conditions associated with the Trip. The Traveler shall request Cycle Travel to substitute the person no later than 7 days prior to the commencement of the Trip, or at least taking into account a reasonable period of time within which the necessary actions can be taken.

7.2 - Joint and several liability and additional costs

The Traveler and the person taking over the Trip shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of the amount still due and for any additional fees, surcharges and other costs arising from the substitution, including change fees.

Article 8 - Changes by the Traveller

8.1 - Modification

The Traveller who has booked the Trip may request Cycle Travel in writing to amend the Agreement. Cycle Travel is not obliged to do so. Cycle Travel will notify the Traveller of the new cost of travel. If the Traveller agrees to pay the cost of the change, the new travel price and change fee will be payable. When the new fare is less than the original fare, the difference will be deducted from the change fee due.

8.2 - Change of departure date or number of travelers

A request to change the departure date does not constitute a modification, but a cancellation. A reduction in the number of paying passengers does not constitute a change, but a partial cancellation. This is subject to the cancellation regulation in Article 9 paragraph 2.

Article 9 - Cancellation by the Traveller

9.1 - Cancellation

The Traveler may cancel the Agreement at any time prior to the commencement of the Trip.

Cancellation must be made In Writing and may also be made by mail message. The date the Written Notice of Cancellation is received by Cycle Travel is considered the date of cancellation. If received after 5pm or outside of business days, the next business day will be considered the date of receipt.

9.2 - Cancellation fees

In the event of cancellation by the traveler, the traveler will owe Cycle Travel the following amounts per person

-If cancelled up to 56 days before departure the deposit is 15% of the travel sum, with a minimum of € 60,-.
-50% of the travel sum if you cancel 56 to 28 days before departure;
-75% of the travel sum if you cancel between 28 and 14 days before departure;
-If you cancel 14 days or more before departure the full travel sum.

In the event of a reduction in the number of persons within a booking whereby not all of the agreed services can be proportionately reduced, the cancellation charges payable shall be the travel price less the actual cost savings.

If applicable, income from actual alternative use of the vacated capacity will be deducted from the cancellation fee.

There are trips where the cancellation costs and deadlines differ from the above. If so, this will be stated in the detailed information of the relevant trip and the different cancellation conditions for the trip will replace the above-mentioned cancellation conditions of the Organizer.

Article 10 - Changes by the Organizer

10.1 - Amendments

Cycle Travel has the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement prior to the commencement of the Trip insofar as non-intrusive changes are concerned. The Traveller will be informed of this in writing and in a clear manner.

10.2 - Major changes

If necessary, Cycle Travel may make significant changes to the main features of the Agreement prior to commencement of the Trip. This includes offering an alternative Trip that is of at least equal quality if reasonably possible. The Traveller may in such case accept the change or terminate the Agreement without payment of cancellation charges.

10.3 - Change to an agreed special wish

If Cycle Travel cannot, or cannot with reasonable in tension, meet an agreed special requirement of the Traveller then Cycle Travel may change the Trip in this respect. In this case the Traveller may accept the change or terminate the Agreement without payment of a cancellation fee.

10.4 - Deadline

In the case of significant changes, Cycle Travel will provide the Traveller with a reasonable period of time within which the Traveller must have notified Cycle Travel in writing whether to terminate the Agreement. If the Agreement is not terminated within the specified period, the change shall be deemed accepted and the right to terminate shall lapse.

10.5 - Price Reduction

If the change results in a reduction in the quality or cost of the Trip, the Traveler is entitled to an appropriate price reduction.

10.6 - Notification

In the event of significant changes, Cycle Travel shall promptly notify the Traveler of:

-The changes,

-A reasonable period of time within which the Traveler must notify Cycle Travel in writing of its decision whether to terminate the Agreement,

-The consequence that if the Traveler does not reply in time the change is considered accepted and the right to termination is lost.

-If offered, the content of a substitute Trip or the amount of the appropriate price reduction.

10.7 - Repayment of amounts paid

If the Traveler terminates the Agreement pursuant to this Article and the Traveler does not accept a replacement package tour, Cycle Travel shall promptly refund to the Traveler all amounts paid by or on behalf of the Traveler, and no later than 14 days.

Article 11 - Cancellation by Cycle Travel

11.1 - Termination

Cycle Travel may terminate the Agreement prior to the commencement of the Trip and refund to the Traveler all amounts paid for the Trip without incurring any compensation:

  1. In the event that the number of registrations is less than the minimum number specified in the Agreement and the Traveller is notified of the cancellation within the period specified in the Agreement, but no later than:
    1. 20 days before the start of the Trip for a Trip of more than 6 days.
    2. 7 days before the start of the Trip for a Trip of 2 to 6 days.
    3. 48 hours before the start of the Trip for a Trip of less than 2 days.
  2. In the event of force majeure, which is defined as unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and Cycle Travel notifies the Traveler promptly and before the start of the package tour that the Agreement will be terminated.

11.2 - Repayment of travel sum paid

In the above cases, Cycle Travel will refund any amounts already received without delay and at the latest within 14 days. Not reimbursed are costs incurred by the Traveller for services outside the scope of the Agreement such as vaccinations, travel certificates, visas, purchase of equipment, insurance and if not included in the Trip the outward and return journeys, tickets, accommodation, etc.

11.3 - Termination by action of the Traveller

In the event that the Traveller does not meet pre-defined participation requirements or if false or incomplete information is provided by or on behalf of the Traveller regarding experience, skills, physical or mental condition or other relevant subjects, Cycle Travel has the right to terminate the Agreement. This does not affect any other rights of Cycle Travel.


Article 12 - Responsibility

12.1 - Proper execution of the Trip

Cycle Travel shall be responsible for the performance of the Travel Services covered by the Agreement, whether such Travel Services are performed by Cycle Travel itself or by another Travel Service Provider.

12.2 - Changes in itinerary and travel times

Cycle Travel will notify the Traveler of changes in the itinerary or travel times. If Cycle Travel is not aware of the place of stay, the Traveler will only be notified at the email address or cell phone number known to Cycle Travel.

Article 13 - Conformity & non-conformity

13.1 - Conformity

Cycle Travel shall perform the Agreement in accordance with the expectations that the Traveler might reasonably have based on the publications, the Agreement and the conditions at the travel destinations.

13.2 - Traveller's duty to complain

The Traveler shall promptly notify the Travel Service Provider and Cycle Travel, in accordance with Article 18, of any non-conformity that the Traveler has observed during the performance of a Travel Service included in the Agreement.

13.3 - Solution by Cycle Travel

Cycle Travel shall ensure that the reported non-conformity is remedied. The non-conformity need not be remedied if this is impossible or involves disproportionately high costs taking into account the degree of non-conformity and the value of the Travel Services concerned.

13.4 - Resolution by the Passenger

If the non-conformity is not remedied within a reasonable period of time set by the Traveler, the Traveler has the option to remedy the non-conformity himself and request a refund of expenses.

13.5 - Alternative Journey

If a significant portion of the Travel Services cannot be performed as agreed, Cycle Travel will provide a voucher or suitable alternative at no additional cost to the Traveler. The Traveller is entitled to a price reduction if the alternative is of lower quality. The Traveller may reject the offered alternative only if it is not comparable or the price reduction is insufficient.

13.6 - Termination by the Traveller in the event of significant consequences

If the non-conformity significantly affects the performance of the Trip and Cycle Travel has not remedied it within a reasonable time specified by the Traveler, the Traveler may terminate the Agreement without payment of cancellation fees. If the Agreement includes transportation then upon termination by the Traveler, Cycle Travel shall also provide for immediate repatriation of the Traveler with equivalent transportation at no additional cost.

13.7 - Price reduction and indemnification

In the event of termination under the previous paragraph or in the event that the Agreement is not terminated and no alternatives have been agreed upon, the Passenger shall be entitled to appropriate price reduction and appropriate compensation.

13.8 - Conditions of price reduction

If the Passenger is entitled to an appropriate price reduction, this shall apply only to the period in which there was a non-conformity. The Passenger shall in no case be entitled to a price reduction insofar as the non-conformity is attributable to the Passenger.

Article 14 - Help and assistance

14.1 - Mandatory Assistance

Cycle Travel will provide immediate help and assistance to the Traveler if the Traveler is in difficulty, in particular by providing proper information on medical services, local authorities and consular assistance and assisting the Traveler in using remote communication and in finding alternative travel arrangements.

14.2 - Costs

Cycle Travel will charge a reasonable fee for the help and assistance if the difficulties arose due to the intent or negligence of the Traveler.


Article 15 Attribution, force majeure and liability exclusions

15.1 - Attribution & force majeure

In no event shall the Passenger be entitled to compensation for damages incurred by the Passenger as a result of non-conformity, insofar as the non-conformity is due to:

  1. The Traveler;
  2. Third parties not directly involved in the performance of the Agreement and the non-conformity could not be foreseen or prevented;
  3. Inevitable and extraordinary circumstances.

15.2- Exclusion of Liability

Any liability of Cycle Travel for damage is limited to three times the tour price unless the damage results from the death or personal injury of the Traveler or the damage was caused by intentional or negligent acts of Cycle Travel.

15.3 - Exclusion of liability under treaty or EU regulation

If Cycle Travel can be held liable for any damages, including damages resulting from the death or personal injury of the Traveler, such liability shall in any case be limited or excluded to the limits permitted under the relevant international conventions and/or EU regulations that pertain to the individual Travel Services.

15.4 - Insured damages

Cycle Travel is not liable for any damage to the Traveler that is covered by insurance, such as health, travel or cancellation insurance.

15.5 - Limitation

Any claim by the Traveller for compensation of damages shall lapse two years after the Trip took place or, if the Trip did not take place, two years after the scheduled date of commencement.

15.6 - No accumulation of fees

If, due to the same event, compensation or damages are payable under international treaties or EU regulations, such as the Regulation on Air Passenger Rights in the Event of Denied Boarding, Cancellation or Long Delay, such compensation or damages shall not accumulate with the compensation or price reduction under this Agreement. The compensation or damages shall be deducted from the compensation or price reduction payable by Cycle Travel under this Agreement. For the purposes of the above, it does not matter whether the compensation or damages are payable by Aarts Wandelreizen or a travel service provider engaged by it under international treaties or EU regulations.

15.7 - In any case, Cycle Travel is not liable if:

  1. The traveler has been able to recover his/her damages under an insurance policy, such as travel and/or cancellation insurance, ii) The traveler cannot make the trip in whole or in part due to lack of or incompleteness of the proper documents.
  2. The traveler suffers damage resulting from the cancellation of flight services or from delays in air traffic, public transport and other unforeseen circumstances. In the aforementioned cases, no claim can be made for a refund of (parts of) the travel price.


Article 16 - Obligations of the Traveller

16.1 - Conduct and following directions

The Traveler shall behave as a reasonable acting Traveler and is required to follow all instructions to promote the proper execution of the Trip by Cycle Travel and the Travel Service Providers.

16.2 - Consequences of non-compliance - exclusion from participation

In the event of non-compliance with instructions or in the event that a Traveller causes a nuisance, Cycle Travel or the Travel Service Provider shall have the right to deny the Traveller further participation in the Trip or Travel Service in part or in full. The Traveller shall not be entitled to a refund of any monies in such a case. Any further costs incurred as a result shall be at the expense and risk of the Traveller.

16.3 - Warning

Before proceeding with exclusion from participation, the Traveller will first be given a verbal or written warning. A warning is not required if it cannot be required of Cycle Travel or Travel Service Provider given the circumstances of the case, taking into consideration the behavior of the Traveler, the expected likelihood of improvement in the behavior, the effect on the Trip and other Travelers, the risk of damage, and the safety of the Travelers and others.

16.4 - Liability of traveller

The Traveller is liable for damage caused by his behaviour, failure to comply with the obligations in this article or damage otherwise attributable to him. The Traveller indemnifies Cycle Travel against claims by Travel Service Providers or third parties involved in the Trip for damage caused by the Traveller and attributable to him.

16.5 - Condition

Travelers are expected to be in good physical and mental condition. The traveler is expected to provide information that may affect the proper execution of the travel agreement. This could include the use of alcohol, drugs or medicines, which can lead to danger to third parties. The contract can be terminated with immediate effect if this information is not provided. If there is limited mobility, this must also be mentioned. This information obligation also applies without delay after the confirmation of the booking by Cycle Travel. If this information is grounds for cancellation, you may wish to use your cancellation insurance.

16.6 - Equipment, clothing and weather protection

The traveler wears good cycling clothes and shoes that provide good strength for the ankles, among others, and takes measures against (sun) burns and/or thirst and hunger.

Article 17 - Complaints

17.1 - Information

Cycle Travel will provide the contact details in case of emergency of Cycle Travel and its local representative, if any, prior to the commencement of the Trip.

17.2 - Reporting on site

If the Traveller believes that the Trip is being performed non-conformally, he must report this non-conformity to the relevant Travel Service Provider without delay, but in any case during the Trip so that the Travel Service Provider can find a solution. If Cycle Travel's tour guide is on site, the complaint must also be reported to the tour guide without delay.

17.3 - Communication costs

The cost of necessary communications with Cycle Travel shall be borne by Cycle Travel. To the extent possible, the Traveler should reduce costs by, among other things, using Internet calling, text messaging, and e-mail.

Article 18 - Other provisions


Rights of third parties subordinates, assistants and other third parties involved in the execution of the Agreement may invoke towards the Traveller the provisions of the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions (including the liability exclusions.

18.2 - Substitute provisions

If mandatory law prevents the validity of a provision in these Terms and Conditions or if a provision is annulled, that provision shall be deemed to have been converted to a valid provision that approximates the original intent as closely as possible in terms of content and scope.

18.3 - Applicable law

Dutch law exclusively applies to the offer, the Agreement and the execution of the Agreement, unless this is in conflict with mandatory law. Notwithstanding this choice of law, a consumer shall be entitled to the protection afforded to him by the mandatory law of the country of his residence if Cycle Travel directs its commercial activities (including advertising) about the agreed Trip to the country where the consumer is domiciled, unless the services are not wholly or partially performed in that country.

18.4 - Competent court

The Dutch courts have exclusive jurisdiction, unless this is in conflict with mandatory law.