Formentera is a municipality and also the smallest inhabited island in Spain's Balearic Islands region. It lies about 7 kilometers south of Ibiza, is 19 kilometers long and has over 12,000 inhabitants. Together with Ibiza and a series of uninhabited islands, Formentera forms the Pitiusen group, a subgroup of the Balearic Islands.

The highest point is the steep rocky coast of La Mola (192 meters) where a memorial stone was erected in 1978 to Jules Verne who described the island in one of his books.

The municipality of Formentera consists of the island of the same name and a number of uninhabited islands of which Espalmador (240 ha) and Espardell (60 ha) are the most important. The main town is Sant Francesc de Formentera (Spanish: San Francisco de Formentera). The island is accessible only by boat, making it quieter than the other Balearic Islands. The crossing takes from 35 minutes (fast ferry) to an hour (car ferry).

Most people are surprised by the simplicity of a small island near Ibiza, Formentera. Here you do not suffer from mass tourism, but can enjoy and relax undisturbed on
the beautiful, white beaches. Truly a paradise just a few hours by boat from Ibiza. Tip: do bring your bike, because the island is perfect for exploring by two-wheeler. You can ride on both gravel and asphalt. The island is only 83 square kilometers and therefore perfect to plan as a day trip.
After cycling, enjoy the lovely clear blue water. You
imagine yourself in another world.


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