Bormio, Ostello Alpino (Italy)

In the Italian Alps lies the picturesque town of Bormio where Cycle Travel has a very nice accommodation with very hospitable owners. The Ostello Alpino radiates one and all cosiness. It is very cozy and ideal for smaller or larger groups. The complex has been completely renovated and everything for the cyclist is thought, from a good breakfast, lunch or dinner to a completely lockable room where your bike can be safely stored.

Bormio is very nicely situated in a valley where all the major famous mountains in the region sit. The most famous and iconic climbs are the Stelvio, the Mortirolo and the Gavia. All of them are gems of climbs that every cyclist wants to have ticked off his or her bucket list.


So Bormio is in the middle of the Italian Alps and is located in the province of Sondrio of the Lombardy region. In addition to the iconic mountain passes, the area has a lot of elevation difference in store. The climbs are spicier and occasionally less forgiving but therefore extra special to conquer. Bormio is located against the border with Austria and Switzerland, among others. The Stelvio Pass is also the connection with the German-speaking South Tyrol. Due to its unique location, it is also an important traffic junction where all connections are made to the beautiful mountain passes.

Eye-catchers in this region are the famous Stelvio Pass, which can be climbed in various ways and is frequently included in popular tours, major tours such as the Giro. This is also true for the Gavia and Mortirolo. The latter is also called the Pantani Mountain and halfway up the climb there is a monument in memory of this Italian rider. All climbs can be done from several places so you can adjust your own level. Not unimportant is that these climbs often go above 2000hm. The roads are generally fine, the traffic here is adjusted to many cyclists annually.

In the area you can also drive to special places like the tax-free mini-state of Livigno. This we reach via Foscagno pass. In the summer it is also possible and with a train just to do Switzerland.


At the Cycle Travel location in Bormio we are guests of the Ostello Alpino hotel. A completely renovated hotel with a beautiful garden, lounge sets and everything very nicely finished in a light wooden style. The food is Italian and for a drink afterwards there is a bar. The complex is suitable mainly for smaller groups or larger groups. The sleeping accommodation is designed for this purpose but we always make sure that you do not end up in one room with too many people.

For bicycles there is a locked room available so everything can be stored safely. The hospitality and good food are really number 1 here. The complex exudes a very cozy and friendly atmosphere.

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Bormio, Ostello Alpino (Italy)