4GOLD is a healthtech start-up that focuses on developing high-quality sports and health supplements and a DNA analysis that provides deep insights into the body's blueprint and from that can offer advice related to sports, health, nutrition and a host of other issues.

The company began in 2017 as a company of athletes, for athletes. This with the ambition to develop high-quality supplements by exploring new and revolutionary interfaces between sports nutrition and science.

From his own experience, former cyclist Brent Luyckx, CEO, started 4GOLD. He did so together with co-founders Axel Roelants, former MX rider, and Mathieu Van Der Poel, current cycling phenomenon. The trio works together to offer high quality supplements that are also gastrointestinal friendly.

Soon, the trio realized that the entire sports nutrition market was operating from a "one size fits all model. In other words, supplements work the same way in every body and have the same effects in everyone. But that is now a scientifically outdated view. Everyone has a unique genetic profile and so everyone processes supplementation differently.


That observation proved to be a gap in the market and so the founders decided to make personalization, based on DNA analysis, the basis of their business proposition.

There are many companies that claim to work on this principle but many of them only work with online questionnaires. In this way, they allow the consumer to self-diagnose and this is scientifically very shaky.

At 4GOLD, we believe that our DNA analysis provides the most relevant and in-depth insights. This enables us to make personalized recommendations and is precisely why it is the basis of 4GOLD's highly valuable and globally unique proposition.


As former and current athletes, they know all about the importance of quality supplements. Based on their own experiences, they started developing their own products in collaboration with a team of scientists.

"99% is not enough"

At 4GOLD, they realize that little things can make the difference between winning or losing. That's why they use only the best ingredients. This ranges from the world's fastest absorbing di- and tripeptides to the best quality carbohydrates, omega-3 or spirulina.

They produce all their supplements in the Benelux and source their ingredients from European partners. All our partners are subjected to extensive quality control. All these steps, all these choices are made with one goal in mind: to create supplements of the highest achievable quality.


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