EBS stands for Event & Brand Structures and our name really says it all. We specialize in branding your company at events. Partnering with EBS makes your brand stand out among all the others at both small and large events. Let us know what kind ofproject you have and we will do the rest.


Not quite sure which products are best for your event? Then we would like to invite you to ourshowroom in Borne. We will be happy to help you put together a set-up for your event. From company parties to large festivals, we have a solution for everything. Feel free to drop by.


We usually only sell our event tents once, unless you as a customer want to order multiple tents. The reason we only have to sell our tents and other products once has to do with thegood quality of our products. In addition, all of our products are extremely easy to set up and we provide a 2-year warranty on all of our full-color prints. All our products are fire retardant and have a European safety certificate. The technical finish ensures that our products are waterproof and mildew resistant and through a special UV coating all the material is well protected from the sun.


We like to get in touch with you as a client. This is because we notice that there are often questions before it is clear which product best suits your event. We do not bite and advice costs nothing, just like our free 3D design in your corporate identity. Do you have a question? Then feel free tocontact us. Even if it's just a small question, we'll be happy to answer it.

Cycle Travel EBS tent on the Col de la Madeleine (France)

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