Ralf and Loek at the Mont Ventoux gravel exploration

Fatpigeon X Cycle Travel

The first meetings between the guys from Fatpigeon and Cycle Travel were, in short, an instant click!
They immediately decided to visit Eurobike together and to look for combinations of adventure, media, tourism, travel etc. etc.
It certainly didn't stop at just one fling and as Nol so nicely described it, it's not a one-time 'vacation love' 😉 Cycle Travel and Fatpigeon have great plans and we're going to organise a lot of cool adventures for you in the years to come!

photo by WODO Productions (www.woutvandedonk)
photo by WODO Productions (www.woutvandedonk)

Next level gravel adventures

Passion for cycling, passion for travel and an insatiable appetite for adventure. For FatPigeon, this all comes together in gravel. Add some like-minded friends, a good beer and a BBQ and you have a golden combination.

About 10 years ago Nol and Loek met each other at the student cycling association in Tilburg. There they make weekly rides, monthly weekends and annual cycling trips together. Their paths separate when both discover the working life as Civil Engineer and Online Marketing Strategist.

On a sunny terrace they meet again years later and Nol tells Loek how he lost his heart to Gravel. 15 minutes later the decision was made: change of course, all balls on the adventure and on building FatPigeon.

FatPigeon experiences 'next level adventures' and shares them with the world through inspiring content. FatPigeon helps national tourist regions, brands in the world of cycling and events to strengthen their brand. All with the same goal: getting as many people as possible on their bikes, enjoying nature and inspiring people to go on adventures.

In the process of 'turning your passion into your work' #enjoythedistance has a central role. By doing exactly what we love and enjoying this to the fullest, no adventure is too crazy for us!


Nol van Loon

For Nol, the bicycle is much more than a means of transport or sports accessory. In the many corners of the world, Nol has experienced that the bicycle is the ideal connector between people and thus the basis for lasting friendships. He also sees the bicycle as a natural medicine against any form of stress, frustration or negative energy.

Above all, he uses the bicycle as a way to see the world, to make himself a step better every day and to compete with others. The latter Nol has been doing for years with great pleasure. From UCI races on different continents to laps around the church of just about every village in the BeNeLux, the race is something magical.

For Nol, the crazier the adventure, the better.

Loek Luijbregts

At six years old, the youngest participant of the 1995 Bike 4 Days and already bikepacking when it was still just called a cycling vacation. On an old mountain bike he left for Switzerland with a friend and without navigation. His love of the outdoors and a good story come together perfectly in his desire to make great memories and still young passion for gravel. But then again, he managed to finish an Ironman after seven months...

Loek is always in for challenges in the broadest sense of the word. From setting up a nice cooperation to river-crossing and from arranging a volcano campaign in Chile to a night without a tent with homemade sausages, come on!


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