Pedala is the magazine for women who cycle. More and more women are discovering how much fun cycling is and are buying a road bike or mountain bike to regularly go cycling or mountain biking, alone or in a group. Pedala magazine responds seamlessly to this with an inspiring magazine especially for you. Whether you're planning to start cycling or are already doing so, Pedala is made for cyclists at both professional and beginner levels, and everyone in between. The love of cycling is at the heart of this quarterly magazine!

Led by Nynke de Jong, co-author of the bookVrouw & Fiets; handboek voor de fietsende vrouw, and in close collaboration with the editors ofthe magazine Fiets, Pedala writes in addition to cycling itself also about related issues such as training and nutrition, materials, sporting fashion, health and travel.

What can you expect in Pedala?

  • Interviews with both known and lesser known Dutchmen who cycle professionally or have done so in the past. Think ofMarianne Vos,Leontien van Moorsel andKeetie van Oosten-Hage, but also of Nicolien Sauerbreij who started racing after her snowboarding career. They share their passion for cycling, tell wonderful anecdotes and give useful tips.
  • Great routes to go riding yourself at home and abroad.
  • Sportswear: all about the perfect cycling shoes, shorts, shirts and other cycling clothing. Of course it has to be good but it also has to look nice.
  • Tests: of course ofroad bikes andMTB bikes, but also of lighting andhigh-visibility accessories.
  • Man and bike: a section in which a man gets to talk about cycling
  • The Bucket List: about things you really must have done as a cycling woman.
  • Tips on nutrition and training: which sports bars should you have, which sports drinks are best? But also: (vegetable) juices to make yourself and tasty and healthy recipes for the right dose of energy!

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