POC is a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, protection, apparel and accessories for cycling and winter sports, and was founded in Sweden in 2005.

With a mission to "Protect lives and minimize the consequences of accidents for athletes and everyone who would like to be," POC has a crystal clear vision to provide optimized personal protection and safety by developing products of unquestionable quality and relevance.

To support its development and quality, POC has established two scientific forums, POC Lab and WATTS Lab, which bring together some of the brightest minds in research, medicine and safety to advise on new research and trends.

Inspired by its mission and scientific approach, POC has built a reputation for breaking conventions, exploring new ideas and innovating to improve protection for all. POC has been allowed to protect many Olympic athletes, world champions and elite athletes around the world, sharing in many of their successes.

Creating products that are manufactured with safety and innovation at the forefront is at the heart of POC's approach, whether for an elite athlete, weekend skiers or an everyday cycling commuter. This approach has led to more than 60 international awards in safety, design and innovation, including the prestigious Brand of the Year award for the cycling industry.

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