Procycling is the leading international cycling magazine. The sport springs from the paper through exclusive photography, in-depth interviews and surprising reports. Each edition has its own theme: from the Giro and Vuelta to the official Tour de France guide. Procycling is close to the top cyclists and the target audience. The magazine brings the sport of cycling to life in a sparkling way in words and pictures. The exclusive glossy photography by top photographers and beautiful design give the magazine a luxurious appearance.

Procycling puts you at the heart of the international peloton. The magazine is published at exactly the right time: prior to major events such as the Giro, Tour de France and Vuelta. As an official licensee, Procycling also publishes the official
Tour de France guide. Since 2010, it has come in a unique box,
a road map, a tear-off calendar and many extras.

Target group

The Procycling reader is on average between 18-45 years of age. Follows cycling fanatically and is often also intensively involved in cycling. The Procycling reader is sporty, values an active and healthy life and is always up for a challenge. The heroism and excitement of cycling is what drives this cycling fan not to want to miss a day of racing.

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