It is a pleasure to work with top chef Rene Huisman of restaurant Smaek from Geldrop, the Netherlands. Rene has been running a very successful restaurant for years and has perfected the 'home' restaurant concept that became more popular especially during Covid-19.

On our trips we always choose the best quality food and drink. Here is a short impression of how our dinners from top chef Rene Huisman of Smaek restaurant look like. Be surprised and book a custom trip or weekend trip where we prepare this delicious food mise-en-place for you!

Culinary dishes prepared with care and passion by Smaek

Due to the success of Smaek@home , there is now also a Smaek Atelier opened; a Cooking Studio, Shop & Caterer

What's the deal? At the SMAEK Atelier we provide tasty cooking workshops and they are deliciously different. With quality from the top plate we offer a unique experience under the guidance of one of our chefs. All this in a private setting. In addition to a large professional kitchen, the SMAEK Atelier is also equipped with a presentation screen, ideal for a work meeting or company presentation. The SMAEK Atelier offers the perfect ambiance to have a quiet chat with employees, colleagues or business associates and can be booked for both lunch and dinner.
Are you interested or would you like more information? Then send an email to or contact us by telephone on 06-48253152.

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