Irritation of the seat is not exactly the most popular topic of conversation for a cyclist. However, it is wise to be prepared for it. Perspiration, friction and heat cause irritation of the skin. Squirrel's Saddle Butter provides, through its unique composition, prolonged protection for the skin. In addition, irritations and unpleasant odors are prevented.

Saddle Butter is safe to use for men and women. You can also, after showering, apply a thin layer to rough skin so that the skin can recover faster for the next day of cycling! Ideal for a trip of several days.

We are distributors of the beautiful brand Squirrel's Nut Butter and can regularly be found on our bikes. Especially during long rides Saddle Butter has become an indispensable product for us. Besides the fact that we are enthusiasts, we also have pharmaceutical knowledge and are really convinced of the American brand. The inventors of SNB are fanatic sportsmen themselves: Squirrel's Nut Butter is really made for and by sportsmen!

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