Whether it's exploring spectacular nature or traveling the world with family and friends, we all like to enjoy an active life.

At Thule, we share your desire to enjoy our passions more often. And that also means worrying less about how to carry everything we need. For more than 75 years, Thule has been creating solutions to simplify life's adventures. Our focus is entirely on developing smart, stylish products that are environmentally friendly, high quality, and safe and easy to use. All so you can take the things that matter most to you.

Whatever your passion is, whatever you are pursuing.
Wherever you go, whatever you take with you.
With Thule, you can enjoy your active life to the fullest.

Bring your board
Bring your bike
Bring your skis
Bring your gear
Bring your kids
Bring your love
Bring your dreams
Bring your passion
Bring your life.

At Cycle Travel, we work with wonderful products from Thule. All our cars are equipped with Thule bike carriers. The best bike carrier with both roof racks, towbar carriers. All our bikes therefore travel in a safe, easy and stylish way!

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