Cycle Travel is tour operator for this unique mountain bike event in Ibiza.

After celebrating our 20th anniversary, we're back at it again. This Tuesday, December 21, at 20:00, we will sell the first 400 issues of the 2022 edition (180 euros), which returns to Easter to offer you the best of the best for a mountain biker: paths, rocks, tracks and trails will enhance the atmosphere of our event, unique in the world. We promise you will go home as a different Ibiza. On January 11, we will make available another 400 numbers (210 euros), which will complete this 21st edition with the 120 reserved places from the postponement of previous years and another 80 blocked for different commitments.

Maybe you already know our history or our country. For you we also have surprises, which will take a while to reveal, so that you keep the illusion of continuing to train against wind, cold and rain.
On the contrary, if you have never participated in the Tour of Ibiza in MTB, we recommend you to thoroughly fine-tune your bike, adjust the helmet properly and fill the water bottles properly.
We promise you that we will not disappoint you in this new adventure. The goal of our entire organizing team is for you to have a unique experience on your mountain bike.
You will get to know the most natural face of Ibiza, the one that tests the muscles of mountain bikers with authentic leg-breaking lines, and you will suffer a lot. But you will always do so with a smile from ear to ear.

Further on, two marathon stages and another cross-country stage await with significant changes in the routes.

Welcome to our home and to the twenty-first edition of the Vuelta a Ibiza MTB Scott.

Promo video of the Vuelta Ibiza MTB presented by Scott
Summary of the last edition in 2021

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