Wahoo was founded by Chip Hawkins in Atlanta, GA in 2009. Since then, the brand has been creating innovative solutions to make tough goals attainable and life more fun! Built on simplicity and with the mindset "that things can always be better".

Wahoo is the proud creator of the world's most connected indoor training system, namely the KICKR Smart Trainer. The KICKR family utilizes the unique flywheel technology combined with advanced algorithms normally used during outdoor rides. Combined with Wahoo's accessories, such as the KICKR CLIMB, KICKR HEADWIND and various software systems such as Sufferfest or Zwift, the KICKR trainers deliver the most realistic and immersive indoor riding experience!

Also for bike computers you can turn to Wahoo. The various ELEMNT GPS cycling computers guide you exactly where you need to be and let you achieve your goals through the most accurate data.

Indoor trainers

Powerful, precise and responsive: these are the distinctive aspects of the Wahoo indoor trainers. The KICKR, KICKR CORE and KICKR SNAP offer you the ultimate indoor training experience! All KICKR Smart Trainers are the centerpiece of the Wahoo ecosystem that seamlessly connects with the other Wahoo cycling accessories to offer you the best workout.

Bike computers

The ELEMNT GPS cycling computers provide a fundamental link between your performance data, smart navigation and connected training devices. The computers are designed to give you a powerful and seamless experience during both competition and training. ELEMNT cycling computers are used by professionals and amateurs alike to help them perform at the highest level!

Smart watch

With the ELEMNT RIVAL, Wahoo has also entered the world of smart watches since 2021. The sports watch is specially designed to help you perform. With all the features, such as touchless transition, multisport transfer, KICKR control and much more make sure that nothing will stop you anymore!


Wahoo also has various types of accessories in its range such as bike sensors, heart rate monitors and accessories for the smart trainers! For example, the TICKR heart rate monitor allows you to train on the basis of heart rate, so that you can achieve your goals more easily. The speed and cadence sensors ensure that you capture all your data while cycling and don't miss a thing!

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