Bike Mont Ventoux Experience (4-9/06/22)

In Brief

Bicycle Travel organizes the Mont Ventoux Experience. A challenging cycling vacation on and around France's most striking mountain on a road bike.

- Stay in luxury boutique home of Cycle Coffee Society
- Travel on a full board basis including a private cook
- Follow car and support
- Climbing mythical Mont Ventoux on different sides
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5 /5
5 /5
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June 04, 2022 / June 09, 2022
Road bike
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6 days
395 km
Incl. lodging

Additional options

Surcharge single room CCS House

Would you rather have a room alone? You can! With this one-time surcharge, we'll make sure you'll have nice spacious single room during this trip. Do you have any other wishes? Please let us know.



Bikewash service by Dynamic

Every day after cycling, let your bike be pampered. Make use of our bikewash service!



Laundry service bicycle clothing

After cycling, leave your clothes in the provided laundry bag. Our staff on location will make sure your clothes are clean and dry for use the next day.



226ERS Test Package cycling trip

Experience the high-quality products of 226ERS. All of our products are gluten free, developed almost entirely with natural ingredients. With no added sugars. Now with free shipping. Try the package before you travel so you've been able to test everything leading up to this event.



Availability: In stock

Late check-out CCS House incl. breakfast

With this trip, you can leave one day later on an overnight & breakfast basis at our regular location in Bedoin. The Cycle Coffee Society Ventoux House is located in the middle of Bedoin. This is possible up to a maximum of 1 night after the package. This is including breakfast. Do you have any additional wishes? Let us know and we will do our utmost to arrange it for you!



Sports Massage CCS House

Take care of your body during a Cycle Travel cycling vacation and take advantage of our professional masseurs.




Bicycle Travel organizes the Mont Ventoux Experience. A challenging cycling vacation on and around the most striking mountain in France on the road bike. This vacation is the world's most popular mountain takes you over the mythical col as well as the beautiful surroundings.

Take advantage of an early bird discount of €100 for bookings up to 01-05-2022.

Fiets Travel offers a super location in the village of Bedoin for cycling vacations near the Mont Ventoux. In the center of Bedoin lies the small-scale boutique residence of our partner Cycle Coffee Society. The boutique residence is approximately 10 hours' drive from Utrecht.

Around the mythical mountain is a beautiful area for cycling. We will also explore this area completely besides that the Mont Ventoux can be climbed from different sides. Let us surprise you in this beautiful area!

Program Saturday, June 4 to Thursday, June 9, 2022

There is a possibility to book an early check in on Friday, June 3, 2022 with an additional fee of €125 based on lodging only.

Additional services to be booked;
-BikeWash from €69.95; every day your bike will be checked, cleaned and lubricated. Set off safely and make use of this great service by our mechanic.
Sports massage €69.95; schedule a well-deserved sports massage during the week. Recover better from your efforts.
-Bikewearlaundry service; after cycling, hang your clothes in the matching laundry bag at reception. We'll make sure your laundry comes back to your room nice and clean! You can book the laundry service for €9.95 per day.
-Take good sports nutrition with you on your trip, take advantage of an offer from226ers and get it sent to you free of charge in advance so you can try everything in preparation.

The cycling program is subject to, among other things, weather conditions of course. We can adjust the program if necessary.

Day 1: Saturday, June 4
Travel day and afternoon arrival with tour, introduction, briefing and coffee at the Cycle Coffee Society house in Bedoin.
For the early check in participants we have set out a short route for Saturday, June 4, to get used to it. At the end of the day we will join the rest.

Day 2: Sunday, June 5
After a hearty breakfast, we start the day with a leisurely round in the area along the "Cotes Du Rhône" vineyards. Distance 75-100km.

Day 3: Monday, June 6
Impressed by the surroundings, today we will add more climbing kilometers to the trip. Among other things, we will go to the Gorges de la Nesque and the valley of the Ouveze. We will climb the Mont Ventoux today from Malaucene.

Day 4: Tuesday, June 7
The big hit of this trip; we will ride the famous 11th stage of the Tour de France. Great win by Wout van Aert in 2021. This lap is 120km to Sault via the Gorges de la Nesque with 2 climbs of Mont Ventoux.

Day 5: Wednesday, June 8
Today we take a break, yesterday's trip will definitely still be felt. We start with a good barista morning. In the afternoon, we'll bike to the vineyards to do a wine tasting at a Mont Ventoux.

Day 5: Thursday, June 9*
We take a hearty breakfast and start our return journey

During our bike rides, a follow car may be present. At fixed locations during the bicycle tours we will make a stop with food. A permanent tour guide (on the bike) is present during these tours.

The sporting aspect is suitable for anyone who has an average or good physical condition. We take into account the differences between us, this is also normal in the mountains. The most important thing is that we will all have a great week of cycling. The accommodation and facilities are top, the surroundings are great!

Location: Bedoin, CCS Mont Ventoux (France)

Our 18th century historic "Cycle Coffee Society" house is nestled at the foot of Mont Ventoux, in the heart of old Bedoin, a charming Provençal village where life is peaceful, and cycling is a way of life. Many local rides begin and end at the doorstep of our Cycle Coffee Society, starting with the biggest, toughest and best of all; the iconic Tour de France climb "de Ventoux".

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Explanation sports level


1star: beginner 50km2star
: above beginner 60km3star
: average 70km4star
: advanced 100km5star
: pro 160km

Road bike:

1star: beginner 50km2star
: above beginner 60km3star
: average 70km4star
: advanced 100km5star
: pro 160km

Level 1: Starter-Beginner;
You are just starting out in this sport, have no experience nor background as an athlete

Level 2: Beginner-Medium;
You are just starting with this sport, however you already have experience with other sports so you start with a good basic condition. You cycle 1 or 2 times a week.

Level 3: Average;
You are a sporty person, don't shy away from a challenge, exercise at least 2 to 4 per week, you can also already make some altitude gains and ride at higher averages.

Level 4: Advanced;
You are a trained athlete, you are looking for a challenge in sports, you are active at least 3 to 5 times a week, altitude meters and a higher average are not a problem

Level 5: Advanced/Performance oriented;
You train towards goals, challenges and also leave something for it you do not mind, you are driven and several times longer sport per week are no exception, you are performance oriented

Level 6: Advanced Plus;
As a highly trained person, you want to really test yourself to your limits, you seek challenges and are also willing to live for them, exercising is a part of your daily life.

Explanation luxury level

Level 0-1.5: Tour without overnight stay.

Level 2-2.5: Cycle Travel provides an overnight stay in a 2-star accommodation.

Level 3-3.5: Tour with overnight stays in the better bed and breakfast or 3-star hotel, hostel accommodations. Overnight stays on a half-board basis are a 3.5 rating.

Level 4-4.5: Cycle Travel provides a 4-star accommodation or boutique bed & breakfast. Optional full board booking (upgrade to level 4,5 appreciation).

Level 5-5.5: Cycle Travel will provide a more luxurious 4-star or 5-star accommodation or boutique hotel. We can upgrade the level of lunch, on-road catering or dinner to 5.5.

Level 6: Cycle Travel will provide a more luxurious 5-star accommodation, boutique hotel or luxury pop-up location. We can upgrade the level of lunch, on-road catering or dinner to 6+ level if required.

Explanation guidance level

Our team of passionate guides is always there for you. For any type of trip, event or clinic, Cycle Travel will provide the right accompaniment. We have an excellent network of professionals.

With the ranking from 1 to 6, we indicate to what extent the guidance is provided on a trip. Interested in an upgrade? Please let us know! Then we will gladly look for a suitable solution.

Level 0-1: a self-guided tour without guidance. Cycle Travel provides the routes on GPX.

Level 2-2.5: a self-guided tour without guidance including routes on GPX and tips for the road. Cycle Travel has a goody bag or contact person at the locations visited that you will receive as a traveler.

Level 3-3.5: a self-guided tour without guidance including routes on GPX and tips along the way. Cycle Travel has accommodation on the basis of a 3-star hotel or bed & breakfast. There is someone on site who is familiar with our clients and will be there for you personally (level 3,5)

Level 4-4.5: a guided tour including routes on GPX and tour guide on the bike or in a support car.Cycle Travel has accommodation based on a 4-star hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast. During a guided tour it is optional to book a mechanic and masseur. (The rating then comes to 4.5)

Level 5-5.5: A fully catered vacation with a complete support team consisting of tour guide, mechanic and masseur. There is provision for a support car including care en route during the rides. Accommodation will be in luxury chalets, hotels or boutique bed and breakfasts.

Level 6: The ultimate luxury cycling vacation with top locations and carefully selected accommodations. Only the very best counts for us and you as our client! Get carried away on a next level cycling vacation.

Explanation gravity level

We determine the heaviness of a trip broadly based on a variety of circumstances. Heaviness can be determined by distances or by the altimeters in distances. In addition, you already experience a ride on a gravel or mountain bike as "heavier" than a road bike ride.

Per category this is approximately what you may think of. Always negotiable with us are alternatives or adapted routes which also influence the heaviness.

Road Bikes - Race bikesDistance max - Distance MaxAltitude indication
Level 170 km700-1100
Level 280 km1100-1500
Level 3100 km1500-2200
Level 4120 km2200-2800
Level 5150 km2800-3800
Hors Category175+ km3800-5500
Mountain Bike - MTBDistance max - Distance MaxAltitude indication
Level 130-50 km700-1000
Level 240-60 km1000-1300
Level 350-75 km1300-1800
Level 455-90 km1800-2400
Level 560-100 km2400-3300
Hors Category150+ km3800-5500
GravelDistance max - Distance MaxAltitude indication
Level 130-50 km700-1000
Level 240-60 km1000-1300
Level 350-75 km1300-1800
Level 455-90 km1800-2400
Level 560-100 km2400-3300
Hors Category150+ km3800-5500

Location: Bedoin, CCS Mont Ventoux (France)