Ibiza Half Triathlon 2023

In Brief

Take part in the Ibiza half triathlon! Stay in a 3- or 5-star hotel on the beach of Ibiza Town near the start-finish location. This open triathlon is a party for everyone, from starter to advanced.

- Stay in a 3 or 5 star hotel right at the start
- Course exploration run/bike course - open water test swim with tips and tricks
- Presentation contest preparation & nutrition
- Transfer from and to hotel included, various extra services can be booked
4 /5
5 /5
4 /5
4 /5
Oct. 19, 2023 / Oct. 23, 2023
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€349,00 - €1.099,00

4 days
150 km
Incl. lodging

Additional options

Laundry service bicycle clothing

After cycling, leave your clothes in the provided laundry bag. Our staff on location will make sure your clothes are clean and dry for use the next day.



Sports massage

Take care of your body during a Cycle Travel cycling vacation and take advantage of our professional masseurs.



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Road bike rental Ibiza (per day)

Rent a top quality bicycle for this trip. We always have access to the best materials with our local partners.



One Suites Sea view room surcharge

Guarantee your stay at the ONE Suites 5-star hotel with stunning sea views from Ibiza Town. As long as availability allows!



EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro rental bike case cycling vacation

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Take part in the Ibiza half triathlon!
This event is organized in and around Ibiza City. Enjoy the island and its pleasant climate for this event.
This is an offer with a 3- or 5-star hotel stay in Ibiza town near the course, including breakfast and short stay from Thursday to Monday purely focused on the race weekend.
Would you like to stay longer after the race (because of autumn vacations for example)? You can! Let us know and then you can stay very favorably at this beautiful hotel in Ibiza town.
Booking can include participation and guidance by well-known triathlete Claudia Striekwold. You can also just book extra for your supporters, friends and family without the triathlon package.

Travel Program:

Day 1 - October 19, 2023
Arrival Day. Transfer from airport to ONE Suites Hotel or Ibiza Playa hotel in Ibiza town
Evening: dinner together with Claudia Striekwold and presentation (optional)

Day 2 - October 20, 2023
Exploration of surroundings by bike under personal guidance by Claudia. After this, open water swimming and tips and tricks for the race. (optional)

Day 3 - Oct. 21, 2023
Registration and reconnaissance running course with Claudia (optional).

Day 4 - Oct. 22, 2023
Raceday: Half Triathlon Ibiza Town
Evening; joint conclusion with the group.

Day 4 - October 23, 2023

Back travel day. Transfer from hotels to airport.


Rules for half triathlon;
This event is organized by the Ibiza Half Triathlon Sports Association. It will take place on Oct. 22, 2023, starting at 8 a.m. from Figueretas beach in Ibiza.
The event consists of 2 km of swimming in open water, 85 km of cycling and 21 km of running. This race complies with the rules established by the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI).

All triathletes who indicate they are in good physical, mental and medical condition can register.
This race usually serves as the final of the Spanish MD & LD Triathlon Cup for triathletes affiliated with FETRI.

Registration is open to Elite, Age Groups and unaffiliated athletes. Participants may register for the competition and manage their registration at

Entry prices and application periods are as follows(registration is included in this package)
Elite and age groups € 130,- until June 10, 2023
Non-affiliated, Open & International € 140,- until June 10, 2023

The organization offers cancellation insurance.

All participants who finish within the allotted time will receive a custom Finisher medal with their name and finish time.


The Ibiza half triathlon is a beautiful open event known for its convivial nature. On the beach of Ibiza town of all athletes start for their race. Cycle Travel is also the official tour operator for this event. We therefore welcome all triathletes from the low countries to come to Ibiza. The island has a lot to offer besides this event. Visit the old town of Ibiza, the beautiful beaches and idyllic bays that surround the entire island.

The stay

You have a choice of 2 good hotels that are both located directly on the course (start-finish)
At the ONE Suites 5-star hotel we have spacious rooms, a lovely pool and very many relaxation options in and around this location. You can also book an extra sea-side view room upgrade or a single-room option.

Alongside the ONE Suites hotel is the Verseter Ibiza Playa 3 star hotel. A great place where he can choose from a single, double or even triple* room. At this hotel it is also possible to book a half board package.
*When booking a triple room you can just click on a 2 person room and set the number to 3 as the main booker, we will make sure you will be together.

We are well acquainted with this island and its possibilities. Ask us about the beautiful spots, the good restaurants and the beautiful cycling routes the island has to offer. Especially because this event falls in the autumn vacation period we have special arrangements, also tailor-made if you want family and friends to join you!

Also, check out the options for renting a bike case so your bike is safely transported.

The best prices and options are currently available from Transavia and Ryanair.
Transavia flies from Amsterdam, Rotterdam/The Hague & Eindhoven.
Ryanair flies from Eindhoven.

This includes:
-Ticket registration event with guaranteed starting spot
-Transfer to and from airport.
-Care at the event, tour guide present.
-Stay in a 5-star hotel or 3-star hotel on the beach near start and finish of the triathlon.

This does not include:
-Flight ticket (many direct flights from Eindhoven, Amsterdam via Transavia & Ryanair)
-Dinner (if you do not choose for half board or the ONE Suites hotel)
-Extra charge for taking your own bike with the plane ticket (approximately €100,- return)

Additional Services to book:
-Technical support for the races (via our technical partner on call with pick-up and drop-off service, build up bike from the case) €79.95
-Sport massage (€70,- per session)`.
-Bike rental (€30 per day).
-Sea-side view room upgrade (€50,- per booking) as long as available at ONE Suites hotel
-Single room occupancy (surcharge €150).
-Extended stay is optional to request.

Booking for supporters, friends & family.
Especially for them we also have the possibility to book at a lower rate. If you book the package with Triathlon your registration is immediately included.


Claudia Striekwold

"My life breathes sport, in the form of cycling and triathlon. My passion in cycling lies in the mountains, the sun, long rides, groundbreaking climbs and discovering new places. Both on the road and on mountain bike.
In daily life I work as a teacher of LO in secondary education and end my career in July, to take up the adventure of working full time abroad (Spain) in cycling world-trips.
I am also a sports masseur and coach/create training schedules for some triathletes. Another hobby is cooking, which goes nicely with cycling 🙂
I look forward to being able to go on the road with you!"

Location: Eivissa, One Suites Hotel, Ibiza (Spain)

Unique hotel with all the luxury in Eivissa on the island of Ibiza for a super cycling vacation from Cycle Travel

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Explanation sports level


1star: beginner 50km2star
: above beginner 60km3star
: average 70km4star
: advanced 100km5star
: pro 160km

Road bike:

1star: beginner 50km2star
: above beginner 60km3star
: average 70km4star
: advanced 100km5star
: pro 160km

Level 1: Starter-Beginner;
You are just starting out in this sport, have no experience nor background as an athlete

Level 2: Beginner-Medium;
You are just starting with this sport, however you already have experience with other sports so you start with a good basic condition. You cycle 1 or 2 times a week.

Level 3: Average;
You are a sporty person, don't shy away from a challenge, exercise at least 2 to 4 per week, you can also already make some altitude gains and ride at higher averages.

Level 4: Advanced;
You are a trained athlete, you are looking for a challenge in sports, you are active at least 3 to 5 times a week, altitude meters and a higher average are not a problem

Level 5: Advanced/Performance oriented;
You train towards goals, challenges and also leave something for it you do not mind, you are driven and several times longer sport per week are no exception, you are performance oriented

Level 6: Advanced Plus;
As a highly trained person, you want to really test yourself to your limits, you seek challenges and are also willing to live for them, exercising is a part of your daily life.

Explanation luxury level

Level 0-1.5: Tour without overnight stay.

Level 2-2.5: Cycle Travel provides an overnight stay in a 2-star accommodation.

Level 3-3.5: Tour with overnight stays in the better bed and breakfast or 3-star hotel, hostel accommodations. Overnight stays on a half-board basis are a 3.5 rating.

Level 4-4.5: Cycle Travel provides a 4-star accommodation or boutique bed & breakfast. Optional full board booking (upgrade to level 4,5 appreciation).

Level 5-5.5: Cycle Travel will provide a more luxurious 4-star or 5-star accommodation or boutique hotel. We can upgrade the level of lunch, on-road catering or dinner to 5.5.

Level 6: Cycle Travel will provide a more luxurious 5-star accommodation, boutique hotel or luxury pop-up location. We can upgrade the level of lunch, on-road catering or dinner to 6+ level if required.

Explanation guidance level

Our team of passionate guides is always there for you. For any type of trip, event or clinic, Cycle Travel will provide the right accompaniment. We have an excellent network of professionals.

With the ranking from 1 to 6, we indicate to what extent the guidance is provided on a trip. Interested in an upgrade? Please let us know! Then we will gladly look for a suitable solution.

Level 0-1: a self-guided tour without guidance. Cycle Travel provides the routes on GPX.

Level 2-2.5: a self-guided tour without guidance including routes on GPX and tips for the road. Cycle Travel has a goody bag or contact person at the locations visited that you will receive as a traveler.

Level 3-3.5: a self-guided tour without guidance including routes on GPX and tips along the way. Cycle Travel has accommodation on the basis of a 3-star hotel or bed & breakfast. There is someone on site who is familiar with our clients and will be there for you personally (level 3,5)

Level 4-4.5: a guided tour including routes on GPX and tour guide on the bike or in a support car.Cycle Travel has accommodation based on a 4-star hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast. During a guided tour it is optional to book a mechanic and masseur. (The rating then comes to 4.5)

Level 5-5.5: A fully catered vacation with a complete support team consisting of tour guide, mechanic and masseur. There is provision for a support car including care en route during the rides. Accommodation will be in luxury chalets, hotels or boutique bed and breakfasts.

Level 6: The ultimate luxury cycling vacation with top locations and carefully selected accommodations. Only the very best counts for us and you as our client! Get carried away on a next level cycling vacation.

Explanation gravity level

We determine the heaviness of a trip broadly based on a variety of circumstances. Heaviness can be determined by distances or by the altimeters in distances. In addition, you already experience a ride on a gravel or mountain bike as "heavier" than a road bike ride.

Per category this is approximately what you may think of. Always negotiable with us are alternatives or adapted routes which also influence the heaviness.

Road Bikes - Race bikesDistance max - Distance MaxAltitude indication
Level 170 km700-1100
Level 280 km1100-1500
Level 3100 km1500-2200
Level 4120 km2200-2800
Level 5150 km2800-3800
Hors Category175+ km3800-5500
Mountain Bike - MTBDistance max - Distance MaxAltitude indication
Level 130-50 km700-1000
Level 240-60 km1000-1300
Level 350-75 km1300-1800
Level 455-90 km1800-2400
Level 560-100 km2400-3300
Hors Category150+ km3800-5500
GravelDistance max - Distance MaxAltitude indication
Level 130-50 km700-1000
Level 240-60 km1000-1300
Level 350-75 km1300-1800
Level 455-90 km1800-2400
Level 560-100 km2400-3300
Hors Category150+ km3800-5500

Location: Eivissa, One Suites Hotel, Ibiza (Spain)