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Our Vision

Our roots are in cycling and we want to share our passion with you in the form of fully organized cycling vacations. To practice your passion and hobby in the most beautiful surroundings/ locations with a professional guidance team, that's our mission!


We offer tours in Europe and Africa. We work with our own fixed locations and partners to guarantee quality. All our trips are carefully tested/calculated. At each location we offer packages that can be filled in as desired so you have a tailored personal offer.

Sporting Events

We also offer professional guidance and care at existing (sports) events to ensure optimal performance and enjoyment. To show the Netherlands as a cycling country, we also have arrangements for this.

If your favorite location is not listed, please contact us Custom made travel! To make travel to measure.

meet the Cycle travel team

Rob van den Brand

Rob is one of the most experienced mechanics on the WorldTour circuit. With his extensive knowledge and experience accumulated in professional cycling, Rob is a very good mechanic but above all a company man.

Of all trades; from the mechanic's trade to tour guide, sports massages and even a Kitesurf instructor!

Add to that the fact that Rob also speaks 4 languages and travel is in his blood then you know enough; Rob would love to have you there on our trips and events.

Veerle Goossens

This enthusiast from Brabant has been spending more than half her life on a bicycle.

Runs her own cyclocross team in conjunction with freelance marketing activities.

Cannot sit still at all and therefore obliges herself to meditate.

She loves to share, especially her food.

Prefers to have breakfast with oatmeal and can spend hours looking for the best restaurant.

Tries to tame her perfectionism, although that often works out pretty darn well for her companions.

Gets happy meeting new people and sharing adventures on the bike.

Jurre Vijn

Jurre is a true all-rounder. A very gifted mechanic, technically excellent and ensures that all bicycles and materials remain in top condition. Cycling is his great passion;
gravel, mountain bike and race are all hobbies for him.
He will combine his studies with Cycle Travel cycling vacations and also works at a specialist bike store on the weekends.

Mirtha Gamiz

Mirtha is an urban transportation planner by day and an adventurer by night. If there are mountains and bikes, Mirtha's soul will be there.

From crossing the European Alps solo on her bike to exploring remote and wild Spanish gravel areas.
Mirtha will put a smile on her face, push the limits and remind you that there is more to life than your typical 9-5 job.

When not seeking adventure, Mirtha drinks coffee and recharges her energy in Vancouver, BC - where she races her bike in the summer and skis into the British Columbia backcountry mountains in the winter.

Say "hello" or "hola" to this bilingual and passionate adventurer!

Claudia Striekwold

"My life breathes sport, in the form of cycling and triathlon. My passion in cycling lies in the mountains, the sun, long rides, groundbreaking climbs and discovering new places. Both on the road and on mountain bike.

In daily life I work as a teacher of LO in secondary education and end my career in July, to take up the adventure of working full time abroad (Spain) in cycling world-trips.

I am also a sports masseur and coach/create training schedules for some triathletes. Another hobby is cooking, which goes nicely with cycling 🙂

I look forward to being allowed to go on the road with you!!!"

Michelle Soft

Michelle spends much of her free time on everything cycling.

She turns every ride into an adventure. She easily rides for a weekend to the mountains, loves bikepacking, occasionally rides (multi-day) mountain bike marathons or a cyclo.

Secretly, coffee runs with a good piece of cake are a favorite.

In between, she coaches individual athletes as well as groups in the gym.

She likes it best when she can help or inspire others to also have wonderful adventures by bicycle!

Jos Kaal

Jos is a very experienced mountain biker and road cyclist. As ex Dutch marathon champion at the Masters, Jos can completely familiarize you with the world of mountain biking, the techniques and convey his experience as a trainer very well.

With Jos you are guaranteed great stories and his travel experiences and looking up adventures make him a very complete tour guide

Adrien Niyonshuti

Adrien Niyonshuti is a Rwandan road cyclist and mountain biker who rode for Team Dimension Data in 2017.

He twice became Rwandan road champion. Niyonshuti competed on behalf of Rwanda at the London Olympics in cross-country in 2012.

He also founded his own cycling academy and lives in the Lucca area. Adrien is a very special and amicable man to have on a trip with. His vast area knowledge, knowledge of cycling and life stories are worthy of note.

Be surprised by Rwanda's most friendly guide. By the way, Adrien speaks several languages fluently.

Ralf van Heugten

Ralf is the founder of Cycle Travel

Cycling is in this entrepreneur's blood. Ralf has been active on road bikes since he was 8 years old. From 1992 he fell under the spell of mountain biking. A late bloomer, Ralf rode as a semi pro in the years 1998 to 2002 with the AA drink and Be One teams, among others.

In 2002 he founded a new team together with some boys. This team became a boy's dream team with an immediate professional status after the first year and several talents who, through this team, were able to make their profession out of it. For Ralf these were the first steps into self-employment.

He then became owner and manager of the Dolphin Trek mountain bike team with the likes of Bart Brentjens, Rudi van Houts, Alban Lakata, Nico Vink and many others with the ultimate sporting goal of reaching the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Ralf has organized trips and incentives for sponsors and partners of the team during his time on the team.

After his career, he got into retail where he organized several clinics and cycling vacations for clients. In 2020, Ralf sold his Cycle Trend store and went back to focusing on his old passion.

"Because of my passion for cycling and travel, what I love most about Cycle Travel is taking the experiences of the past and making them accessible to everyone now. What it's like to ride on a team and show people the most beautiful locations and routes around the world!"

By setting up Cycle Travel, there is a very nice club of people ready to give the customer the real "live and enjoy like a pro" experience.

Ralf himself is active in organizing various events for Ridemeister and the annual cycling festival in Utrecht: the Dutch Cycling Week, among others.

Eric van de Sande


Eric sadly passed away on September 5, 2021.
His battle against the disease ALS was an unfair one....
There were two words that were not in Eric's vocabulary: losing and giving up.
Giving up he never did! But unfortunately he was not able to win the fight against this terrible disease ALS.

Eric was one of the most experienced mechanics on the professional circuit. He had been, among other things, a triple Olympic Games mechanic for TeamNL and a regular for various teams and national teams.

Eric had a wide experience of traveling and participating in various events. In recent years he has focused on the technical sport at major sporting events such as Tour Transalp race and mountain bike