Follow cars

Cycle Travel follow cars for a carefree ride

Cycle Travel follow cars

Have your trip, business ride or vacation accompanied by one of our fantastic follow cars. Equipped with complete set-ups of roof racks and tow bar carriers. Create your own set-up for any journey. We work with the top materials from Thule and others to ensure that the bikes are transported safely.

Audi A4 S-line

Our workhorse in the collection. This luxuriously equipped Audi A4 S-line edition is a powerful and economical all-rounder. Equipped with a tow bar and therefore suitable for 4 bicycles on the back or a trailer.
In combination with a roof rack construction, we can upgrade to as many as 4 to 8 bikes. So we can even take a maximum of 10 bikes with this car.

Brand: Audi
Model: A4, S-Line edition
Fuel: Diesel (consumption 1/23)
Number of bikes: 4 on tow, 6-8 on roof race. 4 on roof with gravel or mountain bike.

Rental options:
1-Including driver
2-Excluding driver

Audi Rs4 b8

Do you want the fastest and boldest follow car on the circuit!? Then this car is a must have to upgrade your ride, business ride or event!
This luxuriously equipped Audi RS4 B8 is the last Audi with that real atmospheric V8 and ditto sound through a Capristo tuned exhaust system.
In combination with a Thule roof rack construction we can upgrade to carry no less than 4 bikes. With a different setup on purely racing bikes even 6-8 bikes.
This full custom team car has an amazing look and feel and can only be used with a driver.

Brand: Audi
Model: RS4 B8, 4.2 V8
Fuel: Super Plus (consumption 1/8)
Number of bikes: 6-8 on roof race or 4 on roof with gravel/mountain bike.

Rental options:
1-Including driver

Cycling vacations, business ride or event with a cycle travel follow car

Next level travel is not complete without a good follow car, team car or real "team leader car" as it is popularly called.
Provide the right look and care on your cycling vacation, business ride or event with our beautiful cars from Audi.

With our various options for set ups on both roof and tow hitch, we ensure the right fit for your event or trip.
Ask about the possibilities and dress up your trip completely with these follow cars.

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